Without understanding how his owner is, dog remains in front of the sanatorium in a position for him

 The tale of Totó moved many people

Any one with a dog is conscious about that those animals are completely dependable. they are ready to sort great sacrifices to lend a hand and protect their householders. Their determination is so powerful that usually it is going previous the limits of self-preservation. They forged a shadow over their lives to ensure the well-being of mankind.


The dog Totó is evidence of this. he’s the protagonist of this unsatisfied, however as well as transferring tale. He was once taken at some point to Pablo Soria sanatorium, inside the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, to comfort his owner. The owner of Totó ended up death. From the instant of his death, his family were completely disinterested inside the animal.

Inside the following days, the sanatorium workers began to note Totó’s presence at the exits of the establishing. Now on my own, the animal had returned to where where, for the general time, it had noticed its cherished owner. I’m in all probability short of forward to reconfirming him inside the next 2d.


Totó’s tale touched many of us, they usually took steps to fix it. Utterly other associations took care of problems , making an attempt to find a family that can download him and provides him the affection he merits.


An important requirement to adopt him, however, is to possess ahighh wall.Most people are glad that at the first meeting, Toto will go back to the sanatorium to peer his lifestyles companion, and now he is estranged..

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