Lady In Tears After Parents Adopt Her Favorite Dog From The Safe haven Where She Volunteers

This actual girl needed a dog so badly that after her parents suggested her she should graduate from faculty previous than she may get one, she began volunteering at the safe haven so she could be close to them.

Oklahoma State School sophomore Hallee Fuqua beloved dogs and used to be at all times begging her parents to get her one for Christmas.  Without reference to her pleas, her parents put their foot down, making it transparent that she would not get a dog until after she graduated from faculty.

Desperate to spend time with and help dogs, she began volunteering at the Humane Society of Stillwater.  While volunteering there, she advanced an intensive bond with a dog named Rambo.

Rambo used to be a Plott Hound mix that have been rescued from a existence at the streets. He right away fell in love with Hallee and began eagerly expecting her visits to the safe haven.  Hallee longed to adopt Rambo on the other hand knew she should wait until after she graduated from faculty.

Hallee’s parents grew to become mindful of the actual bond that Rambo had along side her and began making plans to adopt the dog as a Christmas surprise.  They contacted the safe haven they in most cases have been totally glad to help.


The safe haven suggested Hallee that Rambo have been followed and we’re in a position to only take into consideration her happiness that he came upon a area, however as well as her deep unhappiness over certainly not seeing the dog she longed to call hers all over again.

Her parents could not wait until Christmas and presented Rambo place of dwelling and put some antlers on his head.  Her dad rang the doorbell and Hallee in her pajamas replied it.  Each and every dog and girl have been surprised to peer one some other on the other hand it only lasted a 2d.


After the initial surprise, Rambo rushed into Hallee’s palms and she or he collapses in totally glad tears of enjoyment!  Among the best Christmas surprise ever and Rambo and Hallee are delighted with happiness!

Please percentage this sweet rescue and reunion tale together with your family members and co-workers.


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