Guy Stored Puppy In Airtight Container Without Breathing Holes, Foods Or Water

One different container was once on high of the bin applying pressure. After the puppy was once freed from the bin, he may now not stop shaking.

 A search for drugs led officials to a puppy who was once enclose an airtight container, finally saving his existence.

HEAT body of workers officials done an enquiry warrant once they obtained a cross to in terms of possible narcotic product sales at a house in Monroe, Louisiana.

Police detained 31-year-old Mark Newbill ahead of the house , who insisted that he didn’t have drugs.

When deputies went within, they came upon a small puppy who was once within an airtight garage bin that had no holes for him to exhale of.

There was once moreover one different bin on high of that one, applying pressure and maintaining the lid down a lot more. Now not only did he slightly have air to respire, then again he moreover had no foods or water.


Police in an instant introduced the puppy, who was once very scared and wouldn’t stop shaking. If the puppy was once in there any further , he would have died.

Along side finding the puppy, officials moreover came upon Ecstasy and marijuana.


Newbill was once arrested and charged with animal cruelty, along aspect ownership of a controlled damaging substance and ownership of drug paraphernalia.

He has since posted $4,750 bail.


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