Dog Dumped Once more In Refuge After 8 Years, No One Wants Her Now As She Is Senior!

This heartbreaking tale of Daisy, a rescue dog, was once shared by means of Battersea Dogs & Cats Area. Daisy was once followed in only 15 days by means of a sort family.


After 8 years, Daisy was once presented once more to the refuge by means of her family as they might not be lookout of her anymore. They wanted that she would find a forever living another time. Then again this is absolutely totally other, on account of Daisy is now a senior!


Daisy remains for quite 4 months throughout the refuge now, and no person were given right here to hunt out out her, on account of the oldsters that come to adopt dog, want more youthful dog. We are hoping that she is going to find a forever living briefly. Watch the video below. Percentage this along with your family members and friends.


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