Retired Police Officer Locates Missing German Shepherd After Deadly Crash

Eric and Mary VonCanon were taking a detour around the scene of a deadly twist of fate on I-95 in Virginia when they seen something ordinary at the facet of the road. The couple did not see the wreckage or damaged tires, alternatively instead seen a German Shepherd sound asleep at the grass at the facet of the highway with a collar and leash.

She was once flung from one of the automobiles throughout the incident and feature transform out of place. Happily, Eric VonCanon, a retired police officer with two German shepherds of his private, happened to be passing through at the actual time to notice her. “I seen she had a collar, tags dangling, and a leash in an instant,” Eric VonCanon advised iHeartDogs. “This was once now not a stray dog that were abandoned. I grabbed the leash and shouted, ‘Come on,’ and she or he was once limping. However, she had those appreciating eyes.”

VonCanon and his partner took the dog to the Brook Run Animal Health center in Richmond for scientific assist. After examining at her tags, they discovered her identify was once Gemma. Gemma’s owner, it kind of feels, survived the collision and was once brought to the health facility. Family individuals were phoning local veterinarian puts of labor to peer if the dog were taken in. VonCanon was once ready to touch Gemma’s mother and tell her that her dog was once safe, so much to her support.

“The lady texted me and expressed her gratitude,” VonCanon mentioned. “She advised me that while that they had been seeking to get her out of the auto, all she would possibly do was once yell about her puppy. She now could be conscious about she has her dog and that everyone on her mother’s facet of the family is fine.” Without reference to a few scratches, Gemma was once unharmed through the mishap. Unfortunately, 4 other people were killed in one of the automobiles involved throughout the Wednesday early incident. Von Cannon needed to emphasize that his discovery of Gemma shouldn’t disguise the tragic facet of this disaster.

“I will now not emphasize enough how taking a dog off the highway is not anything compared to what the families involved in that twist of fate and the policemen who spoke back to it went by means of,” VonCanon added. “Then again, in the long run, being attentive to that this kid was once going to get her puppy once more was once extraordinarily pleasant.” They’re going to be reunited in a while, even if Gemma’s owner is still throughout the health facility healing from her injuries. VonCanon, who used to paintings with the dog throughout the army, is thankful that he was once in the best position on the correct time.

“One issue I don’t understand is how that dog sat there for 4 hours and no one were given right here to get her,” he mentioned. “You notice each more or less problems at the facet of the road; you spot tires, you spot bumpers, alternatively you don’t see a fantastic black and tan shepherd. We are extremely thankful that we were ready to assist.”


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