a cat sets out to take all of its treasured toys on little journeys, evoking a powerful sense of imagination and playfulness in the face of a world full of endless possibilities.

Beth Wilson, a 12-year-old tuxedo cat, resides within the United Kingdom together with her human.

Pixie isn’t solely a beautiful and affectionate cat relating to her proprietor; she’s additionally a beautiful giver of fully inert objects.

Pixie, like different cats, is of course curious and likes exploring. Pixie is continually wide-eyed and interested in what’s across the subsequent bend, whether or not she’s inside or exterior. Pixie additionally seems to want to instill a way of journey in her numerous gentle toys.

If Pixie loves reclining on her again within the backyard, she seems to infer {that a} member of her stuffed menagerie may take pleasure in it as properly, so she takes it alongside.

When Pixie needs one thing extra thrilling than resting on her again together with her paws up, she takes considered one of her toys together with her, whether or not it’s a luxurious lion, tiger, or a stuffed tuxedo cat that appears precisely like her.

Wilson instructed The Dodo, “If she senses that I’m observing her, she stops and places the toy down.” Wilson does, nevertheless, often get to take an image earlier than Pixie notices.

“She likes to take them into the backyard in the summertime,” Wilson remarked. “She typically merely takes them on a tour after which returns them to the home. They’re typically left within the greenhouse. If I lay a blanket on the garden for her to take a seat on, she’s going to cowl it with toys.”


Pixie’s excursions together with her toys don’t finish simply because the climate turns into cooler.

“She merely takes them across the dwelling within the winter,” Wilson defined. “She may cram a bunch of them into one room.”

When the house cleaner comes as soon as per week, Pixie demonstrates how meticulous she is together with her stuffed animals.

Wilson acknowledged, “She places all of the toys again within the toy field.” “As quickly because the cleaner goes, she pulls some from the field and scatters them over the house.”

Pixie’s excursions aren’t merely for pleasure; in addition they have a superb impact on others round her.

Wilson defined, “I acquired her as a kitten 12 years in the past.” “She fully reworked my life… She takes care of me once I’m sick and by no means fails to brighten me up.”

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