There’s little question that hugs convey therapeutic, consolation, and peace to the hurting.  When two souls come collectively to share a hug, with hearts beating so shut collectively, the connection can convey extra that means and emotion than phrases ever might.

Hugs simply assist us really feel higher.  When our empathy swap flips on, we need to attain out and soothe the wounded and scared.  There actually is nothing like the sensation of a great hug when it’s wanted most.

Typically we’re those that want the hug and generally we’re the giver of hugs.  Typically we need to give a hug to extra than simply our fellow people and want to consolation our pets after they’re sick, injured, or scared.  However do canines ever need to hug us?

Apparently the reply is sure, in response to this candy video.  Right here we see Jack Daniels, a Labrador retriever who has simply had a lump faraway from his neck, giving his dad the most important hug.

When the lab is reunited together with his dad, in a young present of affection, he wraps his entrance legs round his dad’s neck and rests his head on his dad’s shoulder.  After all his dad is moved to tears and kisses the canine on the top and comforts him with mild strokes.

The canine has clearly been by means of an ordeal and the staples in his neck can clearly be seen.  One has to surprise, is the canine comforting his dad, letting him know he doesn’t want to fret that he’s okay now?  Or, is the canine needing consolation after his painful surgical procedure?

We expect perhaps it’s a bit of both-two loving souls and greatest buddies reunited after a scare sharing a second of unconditional love.

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