Police officers save dog stranded in frozen reservoir in Spain.

 In a videotape that has surfaced online, two Spanish police officers stored a dog stranded in icy water in Canfranc, eastern Spain.

Two Spanish police officers waded proper right into a frozen force to send a stranded dog as a cold front arrived inside the northern part of Spain on Wednesday.

In videotape photos introduced through the police, one of the officials might be observed swimming through the icy waters with a log, attempting to succeed in the dog. While the main officer attempted to succeed in the pup, the other bone moreover waded through to lend a hand him out. The dog used to be presented once more to the monetary establishment safely briefly after.

 According to a document through Reuters, the police mentioned that the pup used to be stuck inside the force in Canfranc, eastern Spain for hours on Tuesday.

 Watch the videotape then

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