Firefighters Pay Touching Tribute To Their Firehouse Station Dog

 He served them for 10 years, and deserved this emotional farewell

Negro, a black dog who was once a firehouse dog for 10 years, gained a loving send-off by means of the firefighters of throughout the Chilean city of Iquique after he died.


Unfortunately, Negro died on March, 6, 2018, at age 14 after devoting his existence to assist firefighters in saving people.

So, the firefighters decided to offer Negro, who was once given “honorary firefighter” as a rank, a selected rite.


They located the dog all through a particularly made a white casket and carried him to bury him all through a plot with regards to the hearth station. As well as they planted a tree shut by means of in his memory. RIP Negro, you deserve that.


Proportion this along with your family members and friends,

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