Throughout pure disasters, first responders typically bravely danger their lives to guard others.  They don’t discriminate between these needing assist.  They go and serve wherever they’re referred to as.

So when the primary Fort Pierce rescue name got here out earlier than Hurricane Dorian made landfall, Officers Martin Ortiz and Michel Jean responded.  It didn’t matter that the decision was to rescue a tiny 6-week-old pit bull pet that had been left behind to climate the storm alone.

Happily for the tiny pup, the proprietor realized that the pet was far too younger to outlive by itself in a cage, and referred to as for assist.

Officer Jean took an instantaneous liking to the pet and referred to as his household to point out them a video of the tiny canine.  It was love at first sight for his spouse and son so Officer Jean took the pet house.

A vivid spot throughout the storm, they named the brindle pit bull Dory, brief for Dorian.