He is Embarrassed On account of His Unpleasant Frame, He Does not Dare to Have a look at Someone

 Meet Luna !

She is a small puppu about 4 months previous; weighing about 1,2 Kg .

Luna has been deserted at the streets as a result of malnutrition and weak spot .Lina ‘s head had a wound, her hind legs may just now not get up .

Luna is exhausted from human abuse, however she longs to reside.

She had an X-ray and untrasound scan .

 Luna has many sicknesses : liver , intestinal, kidney. her head additionally has numerous mucus. Lately , Luna will keep in Vet , after her lealth wtabilizes

Luna have surgical operation .

We messaged her , serving to her legs get well quickly . After many days Luna eats so much .

She is an overly pleasant and adorable little pet .

Luna has made a super restoration.

She won weight….. tremendous stunning .

Now she is in higher prerequisites

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