A Pitbull pet named Matilda was dropped off at Douglas County Animal Shelter. It didn’t take lengthy for the employees on the shelter to note that one thing was uniquely particular about her. The little pup was continually pleased, wagging her tail nearly nonstop.

That is out of the atypical as a result of Matilda had a tough begin at life. Her first two months was as a stray in Georgia. When somebody lastly rescued her, she had abdomen worms and irritations throughout her pores and skin. Regardless of all her illnesses, her little tail was nonetheless wagging.

Everybody fell in love with little Matilda. The shelter posted a video of her (you may watch it on the backside of this text) and the web fell in love too! The one factor that bought her tail to cease wagging was after they put a collar on her! However they shortly found out that she her pores and skin simply didn’t agree with it! Simple repair!

Other than her aversion to collars, Matilda is loving her life at her first foster residence. She loves napping along with her new siblings and enjoying along with her toys. She has even managed to befriend her new neighbors.

We want Matilda the most effective of luck as she is on her journey to a perpetually residence.

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