Online communities around the world choked when they watched a video of a stray dog trying to chase a rescue convoy in the hope of asking for help and bringing it to a better life.

In latest days, a string of pictures depicting a dog pursuing a bunch of troopers on patrol, seemingly requesting to “be part of” them, has sparked widespread curiosity on social media platforms. The images quickly unfold throughout numerous nations, together with Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even Vietnam, fascinating netizens. Persons are desperate to uncover the story behind this heartwarming encounter.

In latest days, a sequence of images capturing a dog chasing after a bunch of troopers on patrol, seemingly expressing a need to “be part of” them, has ignited a sensation on social networking boards. The pictures swiftly went viral in quite a few nations, together with Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even Vietnam, arousing the curiosity of netizens who yearn to know the narrative behind this endearing incident.

In response to the web page Los Tiempos, these images have been certainly captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia, in the course of the quarantine interval in response to the epidemic. Opposite to preliminary hypothesis, the fawn dog seen within the pictures isn’t a stray however a cherished pet residing within the barracks. Her title is Gorda. “Every regiment adopts dogs, and so they dwell alongside the troopers, sharing their meals and collaborating in coaching identical to another soldier,” defined Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Director of the Division Military Logistics IV.

When the Covid-19 outbreak occurred, and the troopers started their patrols to fight the epidemic, Gorda instinctively ran after them. Witnessing her enthusiasm to hitch them, the troopers within the automobile determined to select her up and convey her alongside. It was throughout this heartwarming second that the photographer fortuitously captured the scene, endlessly preserving the bond between Gorda and her “brothers” within the military.

And the fawn dog isn’t wandering the streets however is a pet within the barracks, his title is Gorda. “Every regiment adopts dogs, they dwell and dwell with the troopers, eat and practice like a soldier. Gorda is the mascot of a division,” Colonel Luis Pachecho – Director of the Division Military logistics IV – mentioned. When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, seeing the troopers patrolling in opposition to the epidemic, Gorda ran after him. Seeing his “brother” desperate to comply with, the troopers within the automobile picked him up and went with him. The stunning second by accident caught the photographer’s lens.

As quickly as Gorda acquired into the automobile, one other grey dog additionally ran over and wished to go along with him. This can be a dog named Multicam – additionally the mascot of one other division.

The picture of the 2 dogs has develop into a well-liked topic o


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