Without reference to His Handicap, Rescued Blind Dog Offers Hope For Others As Treatment Dog

Harvey would now not care that he’s blind. All he cares about is bringing excitement to the lives of those he meets.

Harvey the Chow Chow was once found out wandering the harsh Texas streets as an abandoned and neglected 5-month-old puppy. Then again when he was once presented beneath the care of Dr. Matt Carriker of Vet Ranch, it were transparent why no one wanted one thing toto with Harvey – the deficient kid was once completely blind.


Born with congenital bilateral microphthalmia, Harvey’s eyes will keep tiny and non-functional all his lifestyles. While pups like him are in most cases euthanized, Dr. Matt was once positive that Harvey might keep an faithful lifestyles. He to start with pondered removing Harvey’s eyes, on the other hand chucked that concept once he showed that the painless scenario didn’t cause any discomfort to the puppy.

Over the months, Dr. Matt and his workforce worked jointly to assist rehabilitate Harvey. Without reference to his blindness, the puppy had no trouble navigating his method spherical because of his powerful instincts. Seeing Harvey’s winsome spirit and calming presence, his caretakers enrolled him for a treatment dog program – which changed the process his lifestyles eternally!

Instantly, Harvey has now not only turn out to be an authorized treatment dog, on the other hand has moreover found out the most productive eternally space for himself. ThisThis little sweetheart most often visits nursing homes and hospitals and spreads the happiest smile spherical. He’s moreover an absolute favorite a few of the many visually impaired victims. That’s merely just right! We’re so pleased with you, Harvey! Click on at the video beneath to look how Dr. Matt illuminated Harvey’s dark lifestyles along with his healing touch! WARNING: The content material subject material of this video is also annoying to a few audience.

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