Scared to Lack of lifestyles Dog Survived After 40 Days Without Water and Foods!

 We’ve got been on their option to gostomel, a small city with reference to Kyiv which is completely destroyed by means of the warfare.

now now we have 3 tones of foods for dogs and cats, that the home homeowners may now not take during the evacuation. There are an entire bunch of animals like that, a couple of of them died because of starvation, from explosions, a couple of of them were merely shot .

On the other hand a whole lot of animals survived and they are able for their homeowners to come back again once more, guarding their destroyed houses and yards. maximum dogs are very scared and don’t get close to people…in each and every backyard, we go away for them as so much as foods as possible so as that they have enough for quite a lot of days .

this huge beatiul white dog runs away as soos as we get close on the other hand she’s going to no doubt come once more proper right here to consume , there are just a few houses in this city that have remained intact  maximum of structures are destroyed , we find a dog with reference to  a broken window and loudly calling for help , he is so scared or even bit couple cases .

We where speechless ………. most probably, breeders lived proper right here, they made money by means of selling those dogs and when the warfare  started, they ran away , after euthanized or poisoned their dogs …

we will have to document this at the police and when they take a look at the house , we’re ready to come back once more and take the rest o the dogs .

He is in truth lucky, he is one of the survivors in that hell .. We are relaxed that we heped him .

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