Safe haven seeks hospice residing for senior dog left homeless after lack of lifetime of elderly owner

A Wisconsin animal safe haven is on the lookout for a hospice residing for a senior dog who has been left homeless following the lack of lifetime of his elderly owner. The dog, named Ace, is now inside the care of the Wooded area County Humane Society, which shared the dog’s tale on Wednesday:


Meet Ace. Ace is in a singular situation in a humane society. He were given right here to us from an elderly guy that cherished him with all of his coronary center. This guy has simply in recent years passed away… leaving Ace in our care.

When Ace first got the safe haven, he was once suffering from pores and pores and skin cases that required antibiotics and medicated baths. In keeping with the animal welfare corporate, Ace’s pores and pores and skin and fur and now in well being. Alternatively he desires a especial residing to lend a hand along with his rising older body. The safe haven writes: Ace’s only drawback is his age and excessive arthritis. he’s a more youthful dog during a senior’s body. This is generally where we are with Ace…we wish a hospice residing for him, which is in a position to meet his desires and let him are living his days identify at a space… no longer the humane society. Helping Ace, You can in finding the Wooded area County Humane Society Facebook internet web page proper right here.

Phone: (715) 478-2098


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