Stray dog painted with tiger stripes as cruel comic story

What kind of explicit individual would do this

Stray dogs have it tough, dwelling on their own out at the streets. An afternoon may be a fight for survival: now not only making an attempt to seek out foods and water, alternatively warding off cruelty and abuse. Unfortunately, those dogs are every so often the objective of violence. Other folks seem to suppose that simply because those animals don’t have a area, they will be treated like trash.


One deficient stray was once the butt of a cruel comic story that left him stuck coated in paint — and now people are on the lookout for the culprits. The Animal Association of Malaysia shared the tale of a dog painted as a tiger:

The dog is de facto lined in orange paint with thick black stripes right through its once more. ThisThis will probably be uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of, or it can be toxic to the dog. The animal association is on the lookout for information about problems, along side where the dog were given right here from and his provide whereabouts. It sort of feels he’s a stray, painted up as a kind of cruel comic story through locals.

The tale has introduced on outrage on social media, with most people agreeing this was once cruel and hoping to seekout who did this. The Malaysia Animal Association has equipped a gift for information about the dog. Optimistically, any person can ship forward information about the culprits and justice are every so often served.

On the other hand maximum of all, we are hoping this dog is found out and given some right kind help—starting through scrubbing that paint off.

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